Library code of conduct


Please treat the library staff, the library resources and your fellow students with respect.

Please use the first floor for individual study

Please talk quietly and put your mobile phone on silent

Please tidy the area you were working in before you leave; putting books on trolleys, and rubbish in the bins provided.

Please do not bring food or drink (except bottled water) into the library.

Please do not carry out what is normally considered to be studio work in the library.

The library must not be used as part of a project, e.g. involving filming in the library, without first gaining permission from the Deputy librarian in advance.


Library Rules


You must abide by any legislative or licence restrictions laid down in relation to digital information. This includes not sharing your login details with anyone outside AUB.

The Law restricts what you can photocopy or copy in other ways. Notices about this are displayed above the photocopiers, DVD players and VHS machines.

If you do not return items issued to you on time, you will be charged fines.

If you remove any item from the library which is not issued to you, or if you damage library property, you may face disciplinary procedures and be banned from using the Library and its facilities.

If you lend your library card to another person, or take items out on your card for other people you are responsible for them. You will be charged any fines for their late return and will be liable to pay for their replacement should they be lost or damaged while under loan to you.


Collection Development Policy


The Collection Development Policy describes the different components of the Library collection by media and content, and offers a rationale for how the collection has developed to date and how it will be developed in future.

As part of this, core subjects linked to AUB courses are given a score relating to the current level of books in the collection. This score has been allocated by Subject Librarians working with Course Leaders and enables the Library team to identify areas of the collection that require further development.

Collection Development Policy


Library Development Plan


The Library development plan has been revised and updated to cover the next three year period. It is the result of thought and reflection from the Library team about how the service can be developed and improved. The plan has also been considered at the Learning and Teaching committee.

One of the key objectives over the next period is to deliver an information literacy framework for all HE courses which will provide parity of experience for students in developing their information literacy skills.

Library Development Plan

Database Policy


This Policy lays out the criteria for allowing access to commercial databases to which the University gains access via subscription charges.​

Database Policy