Studying in the Library


The Library provides a great place to study. It is split over two floors and plenty of assistance is available.

The lower floor has large tables that can be used for collaborative working while the upper floor provides a reading room for individual silent study.


IT Facilities


A range of IT facilities are available to use in the Library, including:

  • iMacs for Office/Photoshop/Internet access
  • PCs for Office/Photoshop/Internet access
  • A3 and A4 black and white printers for all iMacs/PCs
  • A3 and A4 colour printer for iMacs/PCs
  • A4 Scanning facilities on selected iMacs/PCs
  • Wi-fi connection throughout the Library

All IT facilities can be accessed by AUB members using your AUB username and password.


Self Service


We have two self service terminals located next to the Library counter. They can be used to issue, renew and return books, DVDs and CDs and pay fines. If required, receipts can be printed or sent to your AUB email address indicating issue and return dates.

Returned books that are reserved for another reader will be indicated and should be placed in the returns slot.

In most cases you will be directed to use these terminals unless you have an enquiry for a member of staff, or the terminals are unable to provide you with the service you require.

If you have a question, please contact the Library.


Viewing facilities


A viewing room is available in the Library, offering a range of Blue-ray, DVD and VHS playback, digital (freeview) viewing and radio.

Please do not bring food and drink into the viewing room.

The viewing room is available for small groups (up to 6 people). It contains:

  • A large screen TV with a built-in freeview box,
  • A Blu-ray player, and
  • A combined standard DVD and VHS video player.

These viewing facilities can be booked for a maximum of three hours each day. Bookings can be made in person at the Library counter or by phone or by email.

If bookings are not taken up within the first fifteen minutes, the facilities may be allocated to other students.