This guide provides details of the range of support we offer to students, staff and visitors with disabilities.

All of our Library staff will help you get the most out of the Library but each course also has a Subject Librarian who can help you plan research for your course work.

The Library also has a dedicated Library Assistant (Kay Day) who acts as a contact point for students with disabilities. She can assist you with any other enquiries.

This page is also available as a  PDF.



The Library building is accessible. The Library has two floors with a lift giving access to the first floor. Both the Library counter and the enquiry desk are at a good height for wheelchair users. The book stock will only be partially accessible to users in wheelchairs because of the height of the book shelves. Library staff are happy to retrieve items from the shelves. More information is also available below on our book retrieval service.

There is a disabled toilet on each floor of the Library.

Disabled parking is available close to the Library. There are 6 dedicated disabled parking bays. If these are full then disabled drivers may park in any available space. Blue badges or your parking permit should be displayed in the window when using these spaces.

You can access the upstairs rooms above the Conference Centre through the Library. An automatic security door on the first floor connects the two. Please ask at the Library counter for a key to this door which will usually be issued to you for the length of your group tutorial, meeting or lecture. If you have regular tutorials or meetings in this area please contact Kay Day to agree a more permanent arrangement.


Equipment to make studying more comfortable

We have a range of equipment designed to make studying in the Library more comfortable for you.

Height adjustable desk (situated in the reading room)

This desk can be adjusted to any height using the crank handle underneath.

Low level photocopier

A low level photocopier which can be used from a sitting position is available.

You will need your student ID card or your student number and password (the one you use to log on to computers) to use this. If you need any assistance with the colour copier please ask at the counter.


Please ask if you would like to borrow a trolley to gather heavy books.

Magnifying sheets & Visual Tracking Magnifier

Varieties of magnifying sheets are kept behind the library counter and can be signed out.

We also have a visual tracking magnifier specifically designed to help people concentrate their vision on individual words or sentences. Available to sign out from the counter.

It is ideal for reading newsprint, directories, maps and other small print.

Light weight paper trimmer

A light weight paper trimmer can be signed out from the Library counter.

Book supports

Book supports are available if you find it more comfortable to read heavy books propped up.

Other equipment

Other equipment available includes:

  • A lightweight trolley for carrying books
  • A cordless ergonomic mouse

If you would like to use either of these, please speak to staff at the Library counter.


Finding books

Access to the Library Catalogue is available from dedicated machines in the Library; three on the ground floor and four on the first floor.

The books are arranged using a system called the Dewey Decimal Classification system. This system puts books on similar subjects together on the shelf so that you can easily browse them. We also use a complimentary colour and symbol system, Universal Access by Design, designed by a AUB Graphic Design graduate.

A leaflet is available that explains both of these systems. Please contact the Library if you would like further information.


Retrieval service

If you find it difficult to get books from the shelves then we offer a retrieval service. Please ask staff at the Library counter for this.

We may not be able to retrieve books for you immediately during busy periods or if we are short staffed.
We are busiest between 11 and 2. If you would like to make sure your books are ready for you when you come into the library please contact the Library 24 hours before your visit with a list of the books, DVDs, VHS tapes or CDs you would like and we will make sure they are on our reserve shelf for you.
We will contact you if any of the items you have requested are on loan or currently unavailable for loan.


Study skills collection

This collection includes books on study skills, academic writing, critical thinking, research, CV writing and employability.

It is based on the low shelves near the seating area on the ground floor.
Books in the Study Skills Collection can all be found by using Library catalogue. They all have the location of 'Study Skills Collection'.


Alternative formats

Students and staff can request an alternative format for access purposes through our Inter Library Loans service. This is available free of charge. If you would like to request an item in an alternative format please contact the Library.


Specialist library subscription services

There are a number of subscription services available for people with a range of disabilities. It may be possible for you to pay for these services using your DSA.

National Library Service

Talking Book Service

Listening Books


Remote Access to Library Resources

The Library website offers a wide range of resources that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. You will find these services in the Research Resources section of the website.


Referencing guide

The Library has produced a guide to the Harvard Referencing System that will help you with referencing and constructing bibliographies.

A printed copy is available at the Library counter or you can use the online Referencing Guide.

If you have questions or need help with using the Harvard Referencing System or writing a bibliography contact your Subject Librarian.


Assistive technology

All of our computers have Claro and Inspiration software installed on them for use by all AUB students.


Claro is a multi-sensory text to speech software package which can assist with reading and writing. It enables text to be spoken aloud and by using its range of visual tools you can colour, highlight and focus on difficult to read text as it is read by the computer.
Headphones are available to sign out at the Library Counter.


Inspiration’s visual mind mapping software will allow you to organize thoughts, visually plan essays and help in the creation of presentations which clearly demonstrate understanding. There are even templates to help you.
It is designed to help people (particularly people with dyslexia) to write and plan their work visually. It uses mind maps, images and notes to build up written work. Feedback from students has been very positive.
For training on the Inspirations software please contact Kay Day.


Subject Librarians

Each course at the University has a Subject Librarian assigned to it.

Subject Librarians:

  • Work with course teams to make sure that the Library has relevant materials for your Subject (books, journals electronic resources etc.).
  • Hold teaching sessions and offer one to one sessions to help support students and staff to find the information they need for practical and theory units, and research.
  • Go to Course Boards. Students and staff can feed back to Library staff at these meetings and Library staff will update the course on the Library service.

Contact your Subject Librarian


DSA (Disabled Student's Allowance)


If you need receipts for photocopying for your Disabled Student's Allowance you can get these from the DCS service desk in the library.

Book allowance

If you are given a book allowance as part of your DSA then you will need to see your Course tutor to identify the books that you should buy. They will be able to recommend books based on your personal practice as well as those most relevant to the units you are studying.


Fire safety

We ask all of our users to make sure that they know where fire exits are in the buildings they use. Please ask if you are unsure or if you have a specific need that may make it difficult for you to use some fire exits.
For individuals with mobility problems, there is a fire refuge area on the first floor near the lift - follow the green exit signs. This can be used in case of emergency. A member of staff will escort you to this area if there is a fire alarm.
The doors to this area are fire resistant for up to two hours and once you are there the safety coordinator will be notified. If it would help you to feel safer when using the Library you may want to sit close to a fire door or on the ground floor.

If you would like more information on this procedure please contact Charlotte Wilmot the Deputy Librarian.

What if I can't hear the alarm?

Library staff will ensure that all users leave the building if the fire alarm goes off. If you would feel safer, when you arrive please let library staff know where you will be working so that we can make sure you are out of the building or in the fire refuge in the event of a fire.


Other services

Additional renewals

Discretionary renewals may be available for users with additional needs. These are provided on a needs basis.
Please contact Kay Day to discuss this.

Viewing facilities

The group viewing room is accessible. If you are a wheelchair user we will remove some of the chairs from the room to make it easier to manoeuvre.

These facilities are often booked up quickly so you may wish to book in advance at the Library counter (or by e-mail/phone). Let us know when you make the booking if you have any particular needs and we will get the room ready for you.


There is a self-service machine at the side of the Library counter. You should use this unless you wish to speak to a member of staff regarding borrowing or returning items.

Please contact Kay Day if you would like a demonstration or alternatively there are instructions by the machine.



We aim to be proactive and to continually review the services which we provide so that they evolve in line with student needs.
If you have a suggestion for improvements to the service then please let us know.
You can contact us directly using the feedback page, through your student representative, or through the student support service.
Constructive feedback is always welcome.