Getting started



What the Library has to offer

The library is a combination of study space and social space, where you can study in groups or simply come to find a quiet place to read. There are thousands of books and DVDs available to borrow, some for longer than others, and the library staff, including subject specialist librarians, are always happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

Joining the Library

You will need to activate your student card as your library card at the library counter before you can borrow any books or DVDs from the library.

Getting started

To make the most of the library the best thing to do is to get in early and find where in the library the books for your subject(s) are housed. You can search for books via the Library catalogue. Familiarise yourself with these books and learn to use the research resources relevant to your subject.

Student handbook

The student handbook contains all of the essential information for using the library e.g. how to find the books you need, what you can borrow and for how long, fines for overdue books, who to contact if you need help, the library rules and code of conduct, and how to use other libraries.

Printing and photocopying

Your print account allows you to print and photocopy in the library and you can top up your account in the library.

Library Search

Library Search allows you to simultaneously search a number of the library’s online resources, and the books available in the library.

Unfortunately this search will not search for audio visual resources, so these will need to be searched for individually.

My subject

A selection of online resources for each subject is available via the My Subject page. If you need help using any of the resources accessed from these pages please contact your Subject Librarian.

Getting in Touch

The best way to get in touch with us once the term has started is via our Live Chat service.