Academic integrity


The University of York defines academic integrity as "a set of values which operate as the foundation of academic practice and through which members of the community can develop knowledge that the whole community can trust".

It is important that you develop increasing levels of academic integrity as you continue your studies at AUB. This will allow the assignments and artwork you produce to be trusted and respected by the academic community, and beyond.

Academic integrity poster

Poster from the Brigham Young University Student Honor Association.

Academic integrity consists of practices such as:

  • Admitting when you don't know something,
  • Admitting when your artwork/practice has taken inspiration from someone else's work (be it a film, image, presentation, website etc.),
  • Giving credit to another when you have used their ideas,
  • Putting your own effort into your work, and
  • Referencing the sources you have used in your assignments.