Joining the Library

Your ID card serves as a Library membership card. It can also be used for the photocopiers, printing and to add credit to your printing account.

Your ID card must be shown to borrow items.

The first time you borrow books please come to the Library counter to activate your card before you use the self-service machines.

The return date for items at the end of your final year may be earlier than the expiry date on your ID card.


Membership type Borrowing limits
AUB Undergraduate 12 items*
AUB Postgraduate 12 items*
Further Education Student   9 items*
Summer Course Student 4 items*
Short Course Student 4 Standard Loan items#


* Includes a maximum of 4 DVDs and 4 Blu-Ray DVDs

# For a period of four weeks


Item type Loan period
Standard Loan   3 weeks
1 Week Loan 1 week
DVD and CDs 1 week
Reference Cannot be loaned



If an item you want to borrow is on loan, you can make a reservation. You will be notified by email when it is ready for collection.

You cannot place reservations if you have overdue items or fines.

Items need to be collected within three days (six days for part-time students). After that time, they will be re-shelved or offered to the next reserver.



Standard loans can be renewed three times, providing that they have not been reserved.

1 week loans and DVDs can only be renewed once, providing that they have not been reserved.

An item cannot be renewed if it has been reserved or it has reached the maximum number of renewals.


Late returns

The Library sends the following reminder notices:

  • 3 days before an item is due to be returned, a courtesy email will be sent to your AUB account.
  • When an item is 7 days overdue, an email will be sent to your AUB account.
  • When an item is 14 days overdue you will receive a letter to your term time address. You will then have two weeks to settle your account before the Finance department is notified.
  • When an item becomes 28 days overdue you will receive a final letter to notify you of the overdue charges and replacement costs. The Finance department is notified and steps are taken to recover the debt. Your fine will need to be paid at the Finance department and your AUB login will be disabled until it is paid. This will prevent you from logging into any computers and accessing the Library's online resources.

The Library takes no responsibility for the non-receipt of emails or letters regarding overdue items: it is your responsibility to return items on time.



The Library charges fines for the late return of items.

Fines are incurred for overdue items on all days that the Library is open.


Item Type Fine
Standard loan 30p per day
One-week loan   50p per day
DVD/Blu-Ray 50p per day


Fines must be paid before any items can be borrowed or renewed.

If you have a problem with an overdue item, or if you are going to be away from the University for some time, please contact the Library.

If you have mitigating circumstances, please inform the Library as soon as possible because fines cannot be waived retrospectively.

At the end of the year, final year students will be contacted in relation to overdue items or fines. 


High Demand Items

The Library reserves the right to recall high demand items that are on loan. The Library will then change the loan period so that more students can access a popular item within the time frame required by their course.

If you have an item on loan that is in high demand, the Library will notify you by email and SMS to return the item within three days; if the item is not returned within this time, you will be fined £1 per day or part of a day.

It is therefore important that you check your AUB email account for Library emails on a regular basis.


Managing your reader record

When you log in to MyAUB you can check your loans, reservations and any fines by clicking on the Library tile.

To interact with your account please log into your personal Library account by going to the Library homepage and entering your ID number in the ‘My Loans’ area.

This will enable you to:

  • View current items on loan and due dates
  • Renew current items on loan (without fines)
  • View outstanding charges
  • View the loan history
  • View all of your reservations (outstanding and completed)
  • Make reservations on items currently on loan to other readers


Lost items

Please inform the Library as soon as possible if you think you have lost an item that is on loan to you. Once reported lost, items are renewed for two weeks, allowing time for them to be found. You will be required to pay any fines incurred on an item before you reported it lost: once you have notified us, you will stop incurring fines on the item.

If the lost item is not found by the end of the two week period you will be sent an account for it and given a date by which to pay the replacement cost. If the deadline is reached and the account has not been settled, it will be passed to Finance who will take steps to recover the debt.


Replacement costs

If you damage Library property, including books, journals, DVDs and CDs, you may be asked to pay for replacement items. Library staff will assess the level of damage and decide whether the items need to be replaced.

The full replacement cost of any lost or missing items will be invoiced. The replacement value is calculated when items are reported lost. Replacement costs may be more than the original price paid by the Library, particularly in the case of rare or valuable items.


Comment forms

If you wish to provide feedback – good or bad – about the Library and the services we offer, comments and suggestion forms are available at the counter. You can also use the ‘contact us’ section of the Library website.

We aim to respond to comment forms within four days of receiving them. They are an important way for us to obtain feedback.


Security in the Library

Please do not leave valuables unattended in the Library, we take no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred.

Fire doors are alarmed.

Any incident when the entrance/exit alarm is triggered is taken seriously and is noted for security purposes.

People who have triggered the alarm may be banned from the Library for a specified period. Other security incidents may incur a longer ban.

Users who are banned have the right of appeal to a member of senior management, whose decision is final.


Library code of conduct

Please treat the Library staff, Library resources and your fellow students with respect and:

  • Noise: anyone causing a disturbance may be asked to leave.
  • Behaviour: behave in a courteous and considerate manner towards other users and Library & Student Services staff.
  • Mobile phones: put your mobile phone on silent.
  • Food and drink: do not bring food and drink (except bottled water) into the Library.
  • Projects: do not carry out practical work in the Library. The Library must not be used as part of a project, for example for film, photography or drawing, without obtaining permission from Library staff in advance. This process requires a week’s notice. Please ask at the Library counter for a request form.


Library rules

  • You must abide by any legislative or licence restrictions laid down in relation to print, digital or audio-visual information. This includes not sharing your login details with any other person or organisation.
  • The law restricts what you can photocopy and copy. Notices about this are displayed by the photocopiers, DVD players and VHS machines.
  • If you do not return items issued to you on time, you will be charged fines.
  • If you remove any item from the Library that is not issued to you, or if you damage Library property, you will face disciplinary procedures and may be banned from using the Library and its facilities.
  • Do not lend your Library card, or take items on your card for other people, you will be liable for any fines incurred. You will also be liable to pay the replacement cost of any item lost or damaged whilst on loan under your name.

Please also review the University Regulations.